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Third Party Custody & Parenting Time

The rights of third parties to establish court ordered visitation, or custody, in the state of Oregon, are dependent on the establishment of strong emotional ties between that child and the third party seeking the court ordered establishment of parenting time or custody. For obvious reasons, the interest of the natural parents in raising their children without interference is given great weight by the courts of this state. In other words, the courts have set a high bar before ordering parenting time or custody to a third party. Generally, the relationship between the third party and the minor child must be extensive and long lasting. The law regarding the rights of third parties in parenting time and/or custody of another party’s child are sufficiently complex that it is difficult for an unrepresented party to obtain court ordered parenting time or, if appropriate, custody of another party’s child.

If you are considering filing a petition to obtain parenting time or custody of another party’s child, it is important that you obtain, at the very least, consultation with a lawyer knowledgeable in the area.

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