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The goal of a divorce proceeding is to enable you to dissolve your marriage and to disentangle your life from that of your spouse to the extent possible. Your divorce may encompass many issues, including the award of custody of your children, the establishment of parenting time, the award of child and spousal support, the division of assets, including real estate, retirements, and investments, and the assignment of debt, as well as other issues unique to your dissolution. No doubt you are aware of the need for an experienced and skilled attorney to help navigate these sometimes emotionally complex and legally difficult issues. I bring 20 years of experience in helping clients through both emotionally difficult and legally complex cases. If I represent you, you will gain the benefit of a straight forward, capable attorney, concerned for the welfare of his clients.

If you are considering a divorce, I will help you meet the challenges that lie ahead. Please feel free to contact me.

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