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If you have come to my website, I either represent you, or you are looking to find an attorney at a difficult moment in your life, or at a difficult moment in the life of a relative. My website is designed to give you an introduction to the areas of law in which I practice, to provide brief information about me and my practice and, finally, to aid you in resolving your family law problem.

My comprehensive background in family law covers every potential issue. In those difficult times when divorce, custodial disputes or other family law difficulties arise, the knowledge, experience, instinct, and abilities of your family law lawyer should guide you through the difficult time in your life.

In a time of family crisis, you want that very experience and knowledge to aid you in resolving your disputes, protecting your interests, and achieving your goals. Perhaps uniquely, family law is an area in which the clients and lawyer work closely together in achieving the client’s goals.

Of course, it is also important that your lawyer be attuned to the possibility of settlement as you and your former spouse, regardless of your divorce, need to work together if children are involved. If settlement can be obtained, it is not only important that you get comprehensive advice about the various issues, but that you consider what the future may hold. I believe it important that a settlement be fair for a client and set in place a workable agreement regarding the children and support.

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